About us

iNet was founded in 2005 to provide simple, cost-effective, digital marketing solutions for our customers…

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Our Clients!

iNet was founded in 2005. This was when digital marketing was in its infancy, and many businesses were taking their first steps into the online world.

iNet’s mantra is to provide simple, cost-effective, web-based market-leading digital solutions for our clientele. To do this, we use our extensive digital expertise, and leading-edge technologies to place us at the forefront of digital marketing professionals.

We have always applied continuous improvement, development, and education to ensure that our team is up-to-date and our offerings continue to be market-leading.

In an extremely fast-paced and competitive world, one measure of our success is our high client retention rate.

Our success has been built on a philosophy of working hard to stay ahead of the pack by delivering real, quantifiable benefits to our clients.

At iNet, we enjoy a challenge and are passionate about our work. Our team shares a passion, and our in-house credo is ‘nothing is impossible‘.

We have been connecting the dots between humans and bots; our team is highly experienced in providing service and implementing technology. We are focusing on using our collective experience, creativity, and technological innovation to help your business succeed in the local or global world of digital marketing.

We know that your business is unlike any other, and our technologies and processes have grown out of solving the unique business circumstances of each of our clients.

So when you share your needs, business goals, where you have been, and where you want to go, we can help you achieve your goals faster.

To be the Digital marketer of choice by leveraging our superior people, customer focus and technologies.

To maximise the results that we achieve for our clients by:

  • Building and developing long term relationships through integrity and respect.
  • Staying ahead of our competitors.
  • Adapting to changing markets.
  • Maintaining customer focus and remaining customer-centric.
  • Employing and empowering the right people in the right positions.
  • Celebrating success and learning from failure.


WHYWork with us?

We Listen

We get to know what it is that make you and your business unique

We Develop

We develop and thrive in an environment built on transparency and mutual respect.

We Support you

Our soul purpose is the support our clientele, this is where team iNet love to be, so be prepared for some loving in the early stages.


Our values have been built on a philosophy of working hard to stay ahead of the pack and delivering real, quantifiable benefits to our clients.

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