Landing Pages, A/B Testing and Funnel Pages.

It can play a vital component in your long term marketing success.


Landing Pages, where do you start?

Three forms how do we use them for business?

All forms of Landing pages play a critical role in your marketing effort and directly affect your campaign’s impact and outcome. Landing pages can complement and enhance most marketing campaigns, such as Paid marketing – (PPC) and Social Media.

The digital marketing space is jam-packed with noise. Deciphering that noise and what you should do is an ever-changing and ever more perplexing set of guides created by marketers to attract your attention, some work, some annoy. Still, all in all, it comes down to your market and stage of market presence tightly align with the industry that governs how we guide you on landing pages.Landing Pages - Sales Funnel diagram

As all businesses differ in shape and size, some are large and want maximum reach, some are smaller and constrained to a tight budget.

At iNet Digital, we work with most businesses geared to growth as revenue increases. While some customer focuses on landing pages, others want to test different products and services using A + B testing or “Split testing”. Funnel pages stand a little different in their approach, and they are generally a rule-based set of yes and no sequences governed by an outcome.

All Landing pages, AB Test pages are perfectly acceptable practices on Google, and Facebook alike.

We revel in businesses with a keen eye for quality landing pages with lasting results. Your landing pages optimisation strategies NEED attention from day one, and this is what forms the blueprint of your road to revenue return.

All Digital agencies are different, and that’s a good thing; talk to us to see why iNet Digital will fit your needs; we are not after everyone, just the ones who want a return on Advertisement spend (ROI). Call now on 02 9594 1087 or enquire online.

TheLanding Page Mix

Landing Pages - Desiged for Conversion

User experience (UX) is your key to landing page optimisation; long gone are the boring pages and slow page loads. Today, Design needs to be user-focused out of the gate, designed right from the get-go.

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

Search Engine Optimisation for businesses of all shapes and sizes, start ranking higher, earn more revenue and qualified lead, increase your bottom link with fully managed SEO Strategies from iNet Digital.

SMM- Social Media Marketing

The social media market has a fantastic selection of platforms to promote business, brand and sell products and services. Laser target audiences and achieve market penetration with social media marketing.

Copywriting for your Campaigns

Content is KING, and today’s audience is harder to reach. Your promotional copy needs to be outwardly thinking for maximised appeal and free for ALL the industry jargon.

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