Video Marketing and YouTube Advertisement!

Grow your audience with the Second largest search engine and social Platform – YouTube makes that crucial distinction.

Video Marketing – YouTube Advertisement


Video marketing is a great way to marketing your business and its service or products. iNet Digital goes far beyond making your Video marketing efforts. We custom create and build scalable marketing campaigns for business, purpose-built and design for maximised social and search engagement.

YouTube Video Advertisment

With hundreds of millions of connected viewers, YouTube advertisement platform is made by Google AdWords, so in-depth research and reach in Social and Search platforms is possible.

YouTube Organic Search

YouTube has been reengineered from the ground up to reach audiences socially and organically through video search. No two organic campaign have the exact audience reach, and the virality of video search is constantly growing.

Let'sMix it up!

PPC - Google / Bing Advertisment

Instantly improving visibility in paid search engine results is one of the most popular forms of paid advertisement – transactional and services searches.

Content creation - Copywriting

Your content is KING and today’s audience is interested in your business, how do you reach them for ALL the industry jargon you’re famous for?… Your business will suit their needs. Factual and Personalised is key.

SMM- Social Media Marketing

The social media market has a fantastic selection of platforms to promote business, brand and sell products and services. Laser target audiences and achieve market penetration with social media marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

Search Engine Optimisation for businesses of all shapes and sizes, start ranking higher, earn more revenue and qualified lead, increase your bottom link with fully managed SEO Strategies from iNet Digital.

Landing Pages / Sqeeze pages

For a Sales lift, focused and branded landing pages should be a forethought, not a later option. See how iNet Digital can optimise your landing pages and bring the real meaning full result to the campaign and budget with greater throughput and brand awareness out of the gate.

Video Marketing, and YouTube Advertisements Strategies.

Harness the power of two billion connected users.

YouTube is a video-driven social networking platform with a wide reach and powerful ad targeting capabilities. These features make YouTube’s video marketing a great fit for established businesses of all shapes and sizes. This can be powerful for smaller budget clients looking to engage new audiences.

YouTube video advertising can offer serious ROI if executed properly, so if you’re looking for a competitive edge or curious about how to get your business started on YouTube for the first time, you’ve come to the right place.

The connected world of the business marketing landscape is ever-changing, so too is video marketing evolving. Staying up on treads and changes to all things digital is what we do day in and day out. By staying in sync with youtube video advertising changes, we can keep your video marketing campaign focused and perform to their best, driving more qualified leads and driving those business results required.

We get that business budget, and expectations come in all different shapes and sizes. We also get the benefits of doing the job once and measuring the campaign strategies result. With the popularity of video and the fact that audiences are TEN times more likely to view and watch your video than a chunk of text, the video sector of marketing is our biggest growth sector for 2021.

As with any advertisement campaign we do at iNet Digital, we are transparent about the advertisement spend ahead of time. Yes, from time to time, we suggest making changes to advertisement spending. We do not hide anything from you; transparent pricing and strategies define iNet Digital Video Campaigns.

Youtube video marketing, result pageWe are not in the business of selling your advertisement, nor do we receive a commission from any of the major vendors for providing such services. We give you what it will cost before undertaking and marketing for your business. We are your business partner in digital marketing, and YouTube marketing is not different from any other form we use for our business clientele. The strategy is key to keeping video relevant to audiences at scale.

When we talk about Organic search, most business clientele did not know the possibility that YouTube offers branded channels and the reach your videos can have. Businesses with established brands will fare better with this form of organic video search.

You may be stuck on what is the added benefit?. It’s the share possibilities, not just the keyword. The keyword is one way we get to an audience. Still, they share a bonus in that you’ll see more and more users sharing a video for relevant content you create naturally; this multiplied by the audience size would be the virality or reach organically.

Like most advertisement and search, there is a knowing involved, and this is when our organic video SEO service plays an important part in your video branding mix. If your LOOKING for a Second opinion on what’s already existing, please drop us a line to see how we’ll be able to assist. If you would like to find out more about Paid Search Marketing, please Contact Us Online or Call Us on 02 9594 1087!

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