QR Codes – “Directly aligned with the rise of mobile searches is the advent of the QR Code.”

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QR Codes look this and are, in effect, a form of a barcode.

QR codes appear everywhere, in shop windows, in magazines on brochures, airport, bars, clubs, advertising and signage, in fact almost everywhere post Covid 19.

QR Codes allow camera-based tablets and mobile devices such as smartphones to capture the code using special software built within the smart device or an in-app add on, usually free, which links to the code owner’s website or specifically created web page. If you are new to QR Codes and want a browser-based app generator, google chrome QR Code Generator.

It’s as simple for anyone using a smart device as taking a photo. The only difference is that instead of a photo being produced, a webpage is displayed with the messaging, signup form, or a check-in process on the screen, ready for that call to action to happen there and then, no procrastination.

They’re a smart, low-cost way to add to your reach in advertisements and your marketing message. Because it is web-based, QR Code can be generated at any time without hesitation and enabling your medium of choice to enhance offers regularly.

As with any technology or technological tool, we are currently just scratching the surface of what QR codes can do for businesses of any size. Newspapers and other publishers are now using QR codes or similar technology to offer exclusive or more in-depth coverage through mobile devices than in their printed material. This is the unsaid reason to drive readers to the electronic medium and lower their advertisement spend.

A recent real-world example of where we have seen QR codes at scale was the covid 19 pandemic; the use of QR Codes is now in mainstream government by using them to add, track and analyse you and your movement in such events.

Another direct example is that you use a QR code as an access point for your catalogue if you are a retailer. Imagine how much cheaper and environmentally friendly it would be to send out a single page DL flyer to shoppers saying “Summer Catalogue out now” with the QR code on the page to send them directly to your website or promoted event.

Using QR codes is certainly the most “fuss-free” way of making your marketing effort reach audiences at scale. At iNet Digital, we see the main benefits of QR codes as:

  • Simplicity for potential customers to use
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  • Allowing the user to view promotions offers at their leisure
  • Once captured on the mobile device, the QR code is stored on the device for future reference
  • Bridging the gap between offline and online media
  • Allowing instant access to promotional offers.
  • Providing greater flexibility with publication mediums, as it is Web-based.
  • Allowing access to multiple static images.
  • Use of video introductions and promotion guidelines.
  • Real-time accurate collection of take-up and tracking
  • Immediate calls to action
  • Being seen as “staying ahead” of the pack with today’s increasingly tech-savvy consumer.

If you would like to discuss or have any questions relating to QR codes, please call us on 02 9594 1087 or 07 3103 3726.

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