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Web Directory Submissions – for SEO Success

A web directory is an internet directory that specialises in linking to other websites and categorising those links in particular classes.

All web directories aren’t search engines and do not display web pages based on keywords; instead, they list websites by category and subcategory.

In the earlier part of the Two thousand and tens, they were all the rage, not so much these days. Most have minimal benefit to your overall SEO campaign but can still influence local SEO.

Web directory submissions form a part of your LOCAL Citations strategy on some search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign.  Submitting your website to web directories can enhance your standing on the search engine rankings page (SERP), enhancing your online SEO campaign.

Submitting to directories is not simple as it requires a well-developed content strategy and a detailed knowledge of the individual human-edited directory requirements.

At iNet, we have developed these capabilities over many years, and we know what directory selection requirements are required when submitting your website to specific directories.

Understand the importance of these directory links, and we have developed an iNet Local directory submission package to maximise this opportunity for businesses.  We know that your Local search engine rankings will improve.

By submitting your website to web directories through iNet Digital, you’ll be included in some of the world’s largest directories.  The benefit to you is that these directories provide your website with high-quality links, which can deliver measurable improvements in your overall Local search rankings.

For further information on our comprehensive Directory Submission packages or to receive an SEO appraisal on your website, please Enquire Online NOW, or Call Us on 02 9594 1087 Today!

Web Directories and their characteristic can be explored further at Wikipedia.

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