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Our collective approach to Search engine marketing – (SEM) goes far beyond the set and forget approach. We look beyond the everyday offerings and customise a unique SEM strategy to you and your business goals. All Search engine marketing campaigns scale for your business and grow with your budget expectations, being purpose-design and built for maximised sales, lead generation and client acquisition.

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Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing - Strategies

With hundreds of thousands of prospect out there, how do you get to the right audience for your product or service?. Search marketing is by far the most popular form for broad range advertisement for starting on your client or brand procurement.

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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

We work far beyond the everyday offerings and built unique SEO strategies for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Being purpose-built for maximised lead generation, client acquisition, retention and product sales.

Search Engine Marketing, what’s Best for your Business.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) today uses a Search engine results page (SERP), where you pay for a Search engine position or product placement within the paid advertisement positions of SERP.

This paid marketing campaign created is results orientated. You can choose position one, two or three on the TOP of the Search Engine Results Page for services and most product or eCommerce; you have an image illustration of products for sale.

Over the years, as the Digital marketing industry has grown, SEM was a combination of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Plus, Paid Advertisement more commonly knows as Pay Per Click (PPC).

When combined, both the paid (PPC) and unpaid (SEO) strategies using search engines in your online marketing are more commonly known as Search Engine Marketing Strategies.

These strategies include:Search Engine Marketing Landscape

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) or AdWords
  • Banner ads
  • Sponsored links
  • Affiliate sites
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

How does SEM differ from SEO?

We see many digital marketing terms loosely flicked about that cause confusion; SEM is paid advertising or paid placement in the top or bottom three spaces of a search results page. SEO is the Organic placements directly below those paid placements and, in some cases, the top listing.

Pay per click (PPC), banner ads, sponsored link partners, affiliate sites, and online marketing areas offered by search engines and affiliate websites are paid advertising SEM methods and thus dependant on your budget.

As with any form of advertising, the greater your budget, the greater your online exposure, and the greater likelihood of success, a well strategised planned search marketing campaign can dither some budget size.

At iNet Digital, we specialise in SEM and have been assisting our clients with their SEM requirements since 2005.  We remain at the forefront of search marketing agencies through our continuous process of innovation and improvement.

iNet Digital offers a comprehensive range of SEM programs that are individually tailored to your business.

Let iNet build an SEM strategy in line with your budget and suiting your online business requirements – To find out more, please Contact Us Online TODAY or Call Us on 02 9594 1087!

Let'sGet Specific!

Content creation - Copywriting

Your content is KING and today’s audience is interested in your business, how do you reach them for ALL the industry jargon you’re famous for?… Your business will suit their needs. Factual and Personalised is key.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO for businesses of all shapes and sizes, start ranking higher, earn more revenue and qualified lead, increase your bottom link with fully managed Search Strategies from iNet Digital.

Landing Pages / Sqeeze pages

For a Sales and branding lift, focused and branded landing pages should be aforethought. See how iNet Digital can optimise your landing pages and bring the real meaning of full results to the campaign, its budget with greater click-throughs, participation and brand awareness out of the gate.

Local SEO for Business

Local SEO for businesses are directly aligned with your brick and mortar location. In essence, a Local SEO campaign is fundamentally governed by keeping the local customer top of mind with your business.

Video and YouTube Marketing

This form of advertisement is better suited to increase established business, brands and products sales. The channel in 2021 is by far a great business growth sectors, and the target audience here can be broad in scope!.

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