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Social Media Management could be an unfair advantage in your market place.

We get you run a great business; you are an expert in your field, and your time poor with everything you do in the day to day success you enjoy.

Here at iNet Digital, the management of Social engagement is time-consuming for all. Our focus is to keep you top of mind. To this, we’ve been privileged to run some of the most sophisticated and cutting edge Social campaign in the market today and, of course, hundreds of micro and mini-campaigns in-between.

Our proven success is coupled with a team of social influences and marketers that will make your business stand out and get noticed for all the right reasons. We see so many business opportunities within the Social media market that there is ALWAYS opportunity for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We get there is NO one size fits all Social media management campaign; it’s a learned skill, which is where we come into your mix; we’ll provide you with the advice, recommendations and campaign strategy you’ll need to succeed in your market space. Read more

… and YES, some businesses do not benefit from social media, and we’re OK with this, we’ve learned over the years that Social is great, but an alternative form of marketing could be better; again, all businesses are different, and so are their needs and budgets.

We’re here for the long haul and would prefer to be front from the get-go, as our motto is to do right by your business from the start will keep mutual respect that will last for years to come.

iNet understands there is more than one form of Social Media Management that can occur online, and depending on client budgets, we frequently mix social and search to broaden the business scope. We see the smaller businesses with a reasonable budget fair quite favourable than a larger organisation with deeper pockets. To find out how the iNet Digital Social Media Management team can keep you top-of-mind with your prospect and customers alike, please reach out to us online TODAY or call 02 9594 1087!

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Social Media Management Suported

01.   Facebook

The world largest social media network, Facebook’s massive two billion audiences of monthly users. Businesses of all sizes can build their online presence, brand awareness and grow their leads and sales efforts.

With a hefty market share of fifty per cent of Australian connected users and diverse demographic targeting users behaviour. Build your inquire rate, go to market offer or sales with Facebooks advanced target and look-alike audience campaigns.

02.   Youtube

Youtube one the most underrated avenue to socialise and promote your products and services. With two billion connected users worldwide it has the power of google backing its future. The advertisement platform in 2021 has seen some great improvements for the video marker and organic search market and with the introduction of “Youtube Shorts“, this new form of medium will have those Millennials coming back for more. Learn more

03.   Instagram

For Business large and small, Instagram, the cousin to Facebook, has seen tremendous improvements in the advertisement platform. With Gen X, Y’s and millennial visual appeal, the platform could be great for your business branding and sales opportunities. See how we can get your brand in shape and deliver amazing results with your go-to-market with an Instagram social strategy.

04.   Pinterest

Pinterest is all about the picture, ideal for SME with visually driven content, an ideal platform to grow users and advertise your products and services. User-based is more affluent (according to Pinterest), and they boast 45% of household income is above 100K on the platform. If you have the right creative, this social media platform can deliver a great result for paid and organic traffic alike, being the only platform in the market to keep the advertiser’s ads pinned to their branded boards when the advertisement schedule has finished. Pinterest can deliver Stella results.

05.   Linked in

Linkedin has quickly become a required social media platform for professionals. With new owners Microsoft at the helm, it’s becoming a mature advertisement platform for content and video marketers alike. For those professionals looking for brand equity and a target audience, this could be a winner for traditional business owners.

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