Custom Web Applications

A Custom web application is just that a customised, not available “out of the box”, that works with existing or new web architecture.

Is your business in a growth phase and need your work-flow or process application modernised to meet the challenges of an ever-increasing digital world?

Custom Web Applications


Staying ahead in the digital world by building business-centric, custom applications, our portfolio is cutting-edge technology that is both nimble and can future-proof organisations through our Smart application platform.

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Industry and Client Specific

Client specific approach, modern web application programming, customised to domain specific unique brand solution with service level agreement and operational functionality files.

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Custom Developed and Designed Applications

Looking to automate your warehouse and stock levels? Automatically put the payment directly into your accounting system, and send the invoicing seamlessly?. A custom web application could be your answer.

Your Web Applications!

Custom Web applications could be your unfair advantage in your market place.

We get your running a great business; you are an expert in your field. Your business digital currency is not fully automated, and you’re frustrated with the current Status quo of your web technology.

Our development focuses on fixing workflow and industry bottleneck with a custom application that solves those bottleneck and automation issues. (what is a web application?)

As with all work within this area, customisation is never a one size fits all. Rather, it is a process of listening to your exacting requirements, learning the vision and final output required. For us, this is key to our deliverables. These five stages below are used to build your custom web applications.

The five stages

  1. Planning and specified documentation and function overview.
  2. Finalised Plan, client interactions and finalise specification of application for approval.
  3. Now the magic happens, and we are away; our team of development specialist commit your vision to code and finalise the web application in its raw state.
  4. Our internal test processes and team check to make sure your application works on all supported browsers and industry-specific devices. Your input is required before go-live and sign-off.
  5. Go live; this is the fun bit for our team to integrate your application into your existing web platform or build your new web environment from the ground up.

As Application Specialists, we’re here for the long haul and would prefer to be upfront from the get-go, as our motto is to do right by your business from the start will keep mutual respect that will last for years to come.

iNet understands there is more than one way to get automation and workflow to run flawlessly online. Depending on client budgets, we frequently mix existing architecture to broaden the business scope. We see the smaller businesses with a reasonable budget fair favourable with automation instead of the cost associated with staffing a mundane process can be quite high to maintain.

To find out how the iNet Digital Custom Web Applications team can keep you be best in the market or alleviate those bottlenecks, please reach out to us online TODAY or call 02 9594 1087!

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