Website Hosting

Hosting a website is one of your most crucial decisions you’ll need to make from the start of getting online.

Making the right choice with all the noise in the market place is one of the biggest complaints we see our new customers tell us.

Website Hosting


We approach Website hosting looking beyond the everyday offerings and provide a cutting edge hosting package that suits your business now and into the future. Form Large scale Dedicated mission-critical Web application Server, to Virtual Private Server (VPS) and more commonly the smaller single website server. We make all hosting platforms so that you can focus on what your good at, managing everything else in your business is our key point of differentiation.

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Security Built in to every hosting Package.

Our Web Servers are protected by Safeguard, a Global defence that learns from attacks. It counteracts spam, exploits, malicious attacks, DDos and many other threats, protection wrapped around your website, applications and any other digital assets 24/7.

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Virtual Private Server (VPS) - Why use a VPS for business

For some of you out there, this form of hosting is a mystery; For mainstream business, it’s a must-have as more businesses become aware of VPS technologies cost-effective benefits, ideal for mid-sized eCommerce Website. SEO rank appeal and Larger marketers.

Website Hosting

Where do you start, with all the noise in the market place?.

Website Hosting, the set and forget part of your online success. See how we help keep you running with feature-rich, super-fast and secure technology.

In an online world that’s ever-changing, one thing is certain, you and your Web presence need to be available all the time. We’ve seen our fair share of hosting companies fail by cheap offering only to lead the end-user “you” to disperse, data disaster, inevitable expense and tarnished online reputation.

We are not trying to paint a bad picture here but rather suggest all web hosting providers are not the same, and price is rarely why they succeed.

Its rather their reliability day in and day out. With iNet Hosting, you can rest assured we have had our fair share of customers who have come on board looking for a better host due to reliability and previous disasters.

As with all work within this Hosting area,  there is never a one size fits all. Rather, it is a process of listening to your exacting requirements, learning your business requirements today and into the future. For us, this is key to our deliverables. These Six-stages below are used to build your website hosting and security online. (learn more on what is website security.)

The Six stages of website hosting

  1. Standard Website hosting single site, Daily backups, email, spam filters, web server security, and Optional Firewall.
  2. eCommerce Server, with high availability Secure SSL built-in, email, spam filters, daily website backup, Website security and Optional Firewall.
  3. Virtual Private Server (VPS) For Single to multiple websites, Standalone, High availability and Scalable multi-processor, Daily backups, email, spam filtering and Web Server Security.
  4. Cloud-based Websers, available in any form from Standard, e-commerce to VPS and Dedicated options, all with the same features as the above one through three options.
  5. Dedicated Web servers,  where your running mission-critical data, web applications, recommend 500 plus concurrent user websites, e-commerce and application servers and above.
  6. Cluster-based Web servers are multiple Webserver offering failovers redundancy at any point; these are highly specialised and used when running thousands of user concurrently when you need the added protection of failover protection on all endpoints, suitable for E-commerce, competition, gaming and major events.

As Hosting Specialists, we’re here for the long haul and would prefer to be upfront from the get-go, as our motto is to do right by your business from the start will keep mutual respect that will last for years to come.

iNet understands there is more than one way to get your hosting to run flawlessly online. Depending on client budgets, we frequently mix existing architecture to broaden the business scope. We see the smaller businesses with a reasonable budget fair favourable with our Standard through VPS offering instead of the cost associated with staffing and maintaining them in-house.

To find out how the iNet Digital Website Hosting team can keep you online in the market and alleviate those security bottlenecks, please reach out to us online TODAY or call 02 9594 1087!

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