Website Maintenance,

Why is it so essential to do?

The non-sexy part of your website.

Keeping your Digital assets in order is of utmost importance, all day, every day – See why iNet Maintenance programs keeps you moving forward!

Website Maintenance, why Is It so essential to do?

Website maintenance, the non-sexy part of your online success, see how we help you get back your time.

We’ve all been there; you need to do some work on the website and allocated it to John or Sarah, the junior staffers who have a degree in accounting, not web development. Conversely, you’re just a smaller business with you as the primary driver of everything online, off-line and all in-between. (what is web maintenance?)

Welcome, Website maintenance for the best part of what we do here at iNet Digital is a daily exercise of planning on what has changed in the last twenty-four hours and what needs to be done for clients on a scheduled basis. We design and execute maintenance task to keep up with what changes in the digital world.

Our maintenance programs are designed to keep your website, eCommerce or web application up and running all the time. We provide for small ten pages website through to thousands of pages on a dedicated web application server and, of course, more commonly everything in-between.

There are three areas of maintenance we can offer our clientele.

1: Website updates, Management of content, images, software patch-revision/bug updates and optional off-site daily backup.

2: Larger Website with an emphasis on marketing, such as SEO, PPC and Social Media campaigns. Retail B2C and B2B eCommerce environment where there are a dedicated host, email and marketing campaigns, or when you need additional content to be added or need something added to a blog where an email away.

3: Customised Web Application server with dedicated tasks, operational process workflows and automated responders, all mission-critical plus Website/web-server firewall and security online.

As Digital Specialists, we’re here for the long haul and would prefer to be upfront from the get-go, as our motto is to do right by your business from the start will keep mutual respect that will last for years to come.

iNet understands there is more than one way to maintain your online presence, and we recognised all customer need are different. Depending on client budgets, we frequently advise customers on the quality of existing infrastructure and enhance security options to run in tandem with existing web infrastructure.

To find out how iNet Digital maintenance will keep you up to date and alleviate that rudimentary frustration of constant updates, please reach out to us online TODAY or call 02 9594 1087!

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