Website Security,

Why is it so essential to do?

The mission critical part of your entire Digital presence.

Keeping your Digital assets Secure, all day, every day – See why iNet Security programs keeps your online always!

Website Security, Protecting your Digital Asset!

Website security protects your website from unauthorised use and users looking to modify, disrupt or destroy your online digital presence.

As with any form of Security, website security is of utmost importance. For the best part of your day, you will not notice when your website has been compromised, but one thing is for sure there are thousands of would-be hackers looking for security loopholes.

Websites that are outdated are generally the most vulnerable, followed by where you host your website; this is a BIG set and forget for many business websites. Often overlooked is the software updates which your website function off, called apps or patches; these are another excellent entry point for hackers.

We hear from many businesses that seem to think an SSL certificate is their website security; this is not the case. Your SSL protect people visiting your website and that it, not the back-end of the website where their data and your website foundation is stored. (read more on what is an SSL Certificate.)

Adequate website security in its simplest form should have the intelligence to identify and filter out viruses and other threats, identify and deny access to your internal workings of the website, and stop false login authentication.

The above is a very simplified version of what actually goes into making your website, eCommerce and application site secure. Here at iNet digital, we have helped business clientele dither Spam, hacking and denial of service for more than 15 years. We get all businesses are different in nature, but one common thread reins true we all need security, including us.

As Security Specialists, we’re here for the long haul and would prefer to be upfront from the get-go, as our motto is to do right by your business from the start will keep mutual respect that will last for years to come.

iNet understands there is more than one way to Secure your online presence, and we recognised all customer need are different. Depending on client budgets, we frequently advise customers on the quality of enhancing security options to run in tandem with existing web infrastructure.

To find out how iNet Digital Security programmes will keep you up and running, please reach out to us online TODAY or call 02 9594 1087!

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