Working with us

Everything we do at iNet Digital is focused on making our digital marketing agency simplify your businesses online success.



Getting to know each other

Let’s get equated and understand your goals.

When we start our briefing session with the end in mind, well be able to better deliver on the fine points for your online success. Further to this, we work on common grounds for your goal and aspiration for online success.

Strategising what would be available within your industry and the scope of your project as a whole. We get no two business are the same, but a planned approach for your go to market we feel will be key in our deliverables.



Business Objective understood

This is the exciting time on putting it all together.

From our briefing, we now have a good understanding of your business and its goals. We now put together the Framework of your design and marketing campaign outlining your go-to and market objectives.

Some clientele will be focused on design or development. Others will be on the marketing big picture. When we use your feedback, we commonly call this the rough-in phase, where nothing is quite concrete, so your marketing campaign and design focus can be tweaked.



Where full steam ahead!

Let’s breathe some life into your business momentum.

Now, we’re down to the phase’s pointy end, all components collected in the briefing and design phases start to become a reality.

We find most clientele love the staged build side of website development, and design phase, for the SEO and social clientele we find this solidify their ideas into reality. We put the finishing touches on the marketing campaigns or content creation. (all digital creations.)


Go live

Boom, you’re away

You’re away, all the blood, sweat and tear equity comes to fruition.

The design, development or marketing phase is away, the design is on point, your now socialising, and the content campaign is now live, and we start to see the beginning of what we’re collectively achieved over the term of our build phase.

This is where team iNet love to be we are looking for all things digital, so be prepared for some loving in the early stages it’s what we feel distinguishes us from our competitors.



The Secret Sauce

Putting all the pieces together

For most of our clientele, this is the MOST import phase of our deliverables, its where our collective approach and go to market start to come to fruition and the deliverables can be quantified.

This is NOT an overnight thing and is done for the term of your SEO or Social media marketing campaigns; the design and development are different in how we see client expectations and its value add to their user base.

Here Analytic is KING and where we feel you’ll find the rewards justifiable.

Let’s chat on the finer point to your online success – Today!

Everything we do at iNet is focussed on making digital marketing for your business simple for you. While the concepts and strategies we apply are leading edge and often technical, our communications with clients are designed to match the client’s technical knowledge – “we talk your language”.

In an extremely fast-paced and competitive world, one measure of our success and customer satisfaction is our high client retention rate.

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